Financial Benefits of a RTW Coordinator

A RTW Coordinator is beneficial for the company and the injured worker; it is also helpful in managing workers compensation premiums.

If your claims performance is better than the Scheme average, your premium will be lower than your average performance premium; and possibly less than your competitors. If you injure more workers and they have more time off, then you will be penalised accordingly. If your claims performance is worse than the Scheme average, your premium will be higher than your average performance premium.

Employers taking control of the injury management and return to work process is best practice. Those who uphold their commitment to their employees’ health, safety, and welfare have a competitive advantage.

Active OHS has a team of experienced Return to Work Coordinators who can attend your workplace and use their experience to promote the health, safety and welfare of your people. We can work with you on Leadership and Culture as well as Safety and Injury Management Systems.

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