How You Should Be Spending Your Safety Incentives!

According to icare’s statistics, the average cost of a muscular skeletal injury claim can be $32,774.  Therefore, isn’t anything preventative you can do to avoid claims worth the investment?

When renewing your premium, there are several ways you may be able to seek some extra funding to assist in preventing claims.

Such as: paying your premium in full and receiving a 3% to 5% discount, utilizing the 7.5% of employer safety incentive for small and experience-rated employers, which is “meant” to be put back into the workplace to make it safer.

As well as other such things like apprentice incentive schemes and a performance discount (on your final premium) are worth discussing with icare or investing the time to have a broker look over your policy for a health check.

Active OHS has a handful of reputable brokers who can get in contact with you for a free health check of your worker’s compensation program. Brokers and rehabilitation providers are usually quite close to insurers, therefore they are usually the first to know about any funding arrangements for risk management projects.

What should you do with this extra funding and safety incentives?

Why not utilize it for workplace training?  This could be anything from preventing poor mental health cultures to lessening your rate of common back injuries in our ever-ageing workforce.

Our clients have said they would have seen an ever-increasing rate of injuries and, therefore, a higher premium without our proactive and preventative training courses.

As the workforce moves to a “post-COVID” digital nomad form of daily work habits, is it not essential to make sure all employees are set up correctly?

Maybe a virtual ergonomic assessment could save those non-compensable back and neck injuries from becoming aggravated during work hours and, therefore, becoming premium impacting domino effects to a high workers compensation premium.

Is it not better to invest at least 7.5% of your premium now to save thousands of dollars’ worth of claims costs in the future?

Give Active OHS a call if you need help deciding.