Outsourcing vs In House Return to Work Coordinators

With free training available and numerous sources of information on the internet, nominating a staff member as your in-house RTW Coordinator seems like a quick and easy solution. Rolling the responsibilities in with HR, Payroll or in some situations Office Management.

Whilst it is fantastic to have staff members up to date with recovery at work practices, many employers underestimate the time required to deal with an injured worker. There can also be limitations when dealing with complex injuries or extended time away from work.

Outsourcing RTW Coordinators is a fantastic way for employers to provide cost-effective and proactive injury management expertise to employees without the weight of responsibility.

Our RTW Coordinators will:

  • Ensure your Return to Work Program meets the 2017 SIRA Employer Guidelines for Return to Work Programs
  • Determine the needs of an injured worker by liaising with the Nominated Treating Doctor
  • Develop an Injury Management Plan for the worker​
  • Discuss with the Agent any workers compensation benefits to the worker
  • Coordinate and monitor progress in treatment, rehabilitation services and return to work plans
  • Identify suitable duties and assist the worker in returning to work as soon as possible.
  • Educate the workforce, keep injury and return to work statistics and provide feedback on workplace practices to improve systems
  • Maintain confidential case records

Consequently, many states in Australia, including SIRA in NSW, offer employers the option of outsourcing the RTW Coordinator function. Making it possible for employers to expand and contract the role depending on the injury management and return to work requirements at the time.

It also means actions like case conferencing with the Nominated Treating Doctor and liaising with the Agent and the rehabilitation and treatment providers are priorities.

Injured workers will also benefit from the support, direction and reassurance of having someone focused on their well-being. Most injured workers respond positively to this consideration and view it as a benefit of being an employee of the company.

Those that react differently might be workers who warrant closer attention in case of any unsuitable intentions.

Active OHS has a team of experienced Return to Work Coordinators who can attend your workplace and use their experience to promote the health, safety and welfare of your people. We can work with you on Leadership and Culture as well as Safety and Injury Management Systems.

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