Read This Now: The Law, Employers and Psychological Injury

Psychological injury or mental injury includes a range of cognitive, emotional and behavioural symptoms that interfere with a worker’s life and can significantly affect how they feel, think, behave and interact with others.

Early Intervention

Employers or their delegates can intervene to manage a work situation whenever signs of job stress or distress are first noticed. Early signs may include increased unplanned absences, withdrawal or deteriorating work performance.

Intervention at this early stage such as providing appropriate support and identifying and addressing workplace issues that may be causing or contributing to psychological distress can often prevent a situation deteriorating and a worker developing a psychological injury.

Fact Sheet

Safe Work Australia has put together a Fact Sheet that provides a general overview of the employer’s role under workers’ compensation legislation in relation to psychological injuries.

Click HERE to access this Fact Sheet

Comparison of Workers’ Compensation Arrangements 2019

Safe Work Australia also publishes a report that provides information about workers’ compensation arrangements and the differences between schemes in Australia and New Zealand. The report compares key features such as:

  • coverage
  • benefits
  • return to work provisions
  • dispute resolution, and
  • cross-border arrangements.

Want to know more about this comparison?  Click HERE

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