The 4 Best Steps to Prevent Psychological Injury at Work

Psychological injury claims are less common than physical injury claims, but can be more complex, costly and result in more time off work. The infographic from Safe Work Australia shows how to apply the four step risk management process to prevent work-related psychological injury and illness.

Poor Psychological Health and Safety Is Expensive

Safe Work Australia advise prolonged or severe work‑related stress can cause psychological and physical injury. Under work health and safety laws, psychological hazards and risks are treated the same as physical hazards and risks. Poor psychological health and safety is expensive.  Safe Work Australia advises it is estimated to cost Australian organisations $6 billion per annum in lost productivity.

Work-related Stress

According to Safe Work Australia psychological hazards are anything that increases the risk of work-related stress including:

  • high or low job demands
  • low job control
  • poor support
  • poor workplace relationships
  • low role clarity
  • poor change management
  • low reward and recognition
  • poor organisational justice
  • remote or isolated work
  • violent or traumatic events

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About the Author

Kerry Foster

Kerry Foster graduated with a B. Social Work in 1980 and since 1995 has been the Director of Active OHS a WorkCover and Comcare Accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider.  Active OHS is an Occupational Rehabilitation Centre in Sydney NSW that also offers WHS Training and Consulting, Ergonomic and Medico-legal Assessments as well as Outsourced RTW Co-ordinators.