What is a Return to Work Coordinator?

SIRA defines a Return to Work (RTW) Coordinator as a person appointed by an employer responsible for implementing an organisation’s return to work program, supporting workers as they recover at work and assisting employers to meet their obligations as required under workers compensation legislation.

The RTW Coordinator is a critical link between the worker and their support team as they recover.

Do I need a Return to Work Coordinator for my business?

There are two employer categories for businesses, and the answer is different for each.

Category One Employers:

  • Your Basic Tariff Premium exceeds $50,000 annually
  • You are self-insured or insured by a specialised insurer
  • You employ more than 20 workers

Category Two Employers:

  • Employers who do not meet the criteria of Category One

Category One Employers must appoint an individual with relevant training, skills and experience to be the nominated RTW Coordinator.

Category Two Employers do not need an RTW Coordinator; however, they strongly advise nominating someone to manage workers’ compensation or recovery at work activities.

SIRA has a free online training course to assist staff to understand their RTW Coordinator role. You can find that via the link here.

Active OHS has a team of experienced Return to Work Coordinators who can attend your workplace and use their experience to promote the health, safety and welfare of your people. We can work with you on Leadership and Culture as well as Safety and Injury Management Systems.

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